Katie Watson MA Holistic Psychotherapy and Counselling
in Brighton and Hove

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Therapy for the mind, body and soul

in Brighton and Hove

I am a therapist working in Brighton and I offer a unique approach, which draws on my training in psychotherapy and different holistic approaches.

In my experience, change occurs when we harness the healing potential of our body as well as our mind, our imagination as well as our rationale; when we make contact with all parts of ourselves and when we apply the potency of compassion. Read more about how I work in practice.

I’ve worked with many issues including anxiety, depression, psychosomatic issues, trauma, bereavement, compulsive behaviour, phobias, anger, crisis management, spirituality and spiritual issues, abuse, bullying, dissociation, relationship problems, family dynamics, work-related stress and numerous other issues. I’ve also seen people who don’t know what is wrong, only that something is; that is part of therapy too.

If you are interested in therapy, read more about how to arrange an initial session with me.

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